måndag 1 mars 2010

Yours Truly

I started in the early morning rain, and soon enough it changed to snow. All by myself for 50 kilometers. Yours Truly 50k.

I ran a the 3-lap course in the wood outside Sala, Sweden and passed my cottage 2 times to get some food and to rest a little between the laps. A flat course and I had hoped for a better time than last year when I had so much snow, but it was even worse this year so it took me more than an hour longer this year. But for me at this age, 65, the time result is of very little importance.

I don't lift my feet so high when running, I slide the feet close to the ground so it's heavy with 5-10 cm fresh, wet snow, and I hoped in vain the whole day to see mr Plow, where were you Homer?

I didn't see so many animals either - just a few deers and rabbits, and as always some dogs barked at me and told me they don't like me passing by their yards.

The worst part was between 30 and 35 km, then I had my second break and ate a light meal, and after that it went much better. Watch my effort an pain here.

Yours Truly is a very fun race, I would never ever had thought about doing something like this on my own, and I must admit it feels good to show those who doubt that it still can be done by an old man like me. You know:

They all laughed at Christofer Columbus..... But Ho Ho Ho, who's got the last laugh now!

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  1. Stark och gripande skildring - nästa år ska jag nog också dokumentera mina dårskaper.